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What's New


NEW EU regulation on protection of animals at time of killing DUE 2013

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MLCSL Equipment booklet

Information on products and services MLCSL offer

Equipment Booklet


MLCSL extends classification scheme

MLCSL now classifies more than 80% of the cattle slaughtered in Britain each year.
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MLCSL's new SHEEP dressing specification booklet

The carcase information provided by the MLCSL service is widely used as the basis for trading between producers and slaughterers.
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The value of independence

Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Ltd (MLCSL) provides independent services and equipment on a commercial basis to the meat and livestock industry, contributing to the industry's efficiency and profitability. MLCSL is the commercial sector company of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. MLCSL activities are not funded by AHDB Levy.

MLCSL is split into the following two distinct departments:



Carcase Classification & Auditing

MLCSL Carcase Classification Services is the only national provider of classification services. The independent carcase classification of cattle, sheep and pigs provide transparency to the transactions between producers and abattoirs.


MLCSL offer a range of equipment for the meat processing industry, contributing to industry efficiency and assisting individual operators to comply with increasingly strict legislative requirements.